It is impossible to predict how the events of 2016 might influence the future. There is certainly potential for further disruption to what we have hitherto considered normal. Other European countries may turn away from the EU in part or in full, which could bring into question the existence of the Euro and the EU itself. Economic stresses may resurface in the Eurozone – an Italian banking crisis for example. And while the US and Europe are absorbed with their own internal ideological and social struggles, China and Russia maybe free to expand their own power and influence.

Throughout 2017, we will be bringing all the latest insight and opinion on the multitude of events expected to cause market volatility this year.

UK Election 2017

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Possible Election outcomes…

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Hour by hour guide...

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Vive la Révolution Calendar of Events!

20th Jan:
Inauguration of Trump

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15th March:
Dutch Parliamentary Elections

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31st March:
Article 50 Invoked

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23rd April:
French 1st Round Presidential Election

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7th May:
French 2nd Round Presidential Election

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8th June:
UK General Election

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27th August:
German 1st round Federal Election

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22nd October:
German 2nd round Federal Election

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