Commodities are amongst the most volatile of assets. This presents a serious risk to the business of both consumers and producers.  Fortunately there is an increasing range of hedging solutions to manage these exposures.

We cover a wide selection of commodities including:

  • Crude oil
  • Oil distillates
  • Base and precious metals. 

Our team can review your business model and risks, and present a range of tailored products and hedging solutions linked to the prices of tradable commodities to help mitigate your exposures.

Commodity Insights

  1. 22 Nov, 2017

    Metals find support at key technical levels

    A week relatively light on newsflow has seen metals largely trading around key technical levels, with the moving averages in particular in repeat throughout this commentary. The big mover has been copper, which had been in a steady decline since hitting recent highs above 7,000 $/MT.

  2. 21 Nov, 2017

    IEA Report Unsettles Oil Markets

    The IEA report covering the month of October was released last week (click here), showing OPEC production 80k b/d lower than September, but overall global supply 100k b/d higher. Crucially the IEA reduced its demand forecast for 2018 by 190k/d.

  3. 09 Nov, 2017

    Base Metals Lose Some of their Shine

    Reuters Journalist Andy Home has published a nice price on LME week which is notably less hubristic regarding electric vehicles and their impact on metal demand, than is currently fashionable.


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