Commodities are amongst the most volatile of assets. This presents a serious risk to the business of both consumers and producers.  Fortunately there is an increasing range of hedging solutions to manage these exposures.

We cover a wide selection of commodities including:

  • Crude oil
  • Oil distillates
  • Base and precious metals. 

Our team can review your business model and risks, and present a range of tailored products and hedging solutions linked to the prices of tradable commodities to help mitigate your exposures.

Commodity Insights

  1. 22 Feb, 2018

    Nickel set a new high

    Given that an employment data-led shift in interest rate expectations was the trigger for the ‘correction’ in equity markets earlier in the month, it is logical to have reasoned that a strong CPI print for the states on Wednesday last week, and its ultimate implications in the mind of FOMC members, may have sparked a second wave lower.

  2. 22 Feb, 2018

    Brent recoveres sharply

    Brent recovered sharply last week, particularly after the weekly US inventory numbers revealed a lower than expected increase in US crude inventories of only 1.8m barrels of crude and 3.6m barrels of gasoline while at Cushing, the delivery point for US crude futures, there was a fall inventories of 3.6m barrels.

  3. 16 Feb, 2018

    IEA growth forecast unchanged at 1.3m b/d

    The independent International Energy Agency has just released its latest monthly report last week, which covers the month of December 17.


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