This transfer is ideal for:

  • monthly overseas mortgage payments
  • paying an overseas salary back to the UK
  • making frequent international transfers to pay relatives

How it works:

Your personal FX dealer can automatically send overseas payments on your behalf, based on a schedule as set by you.

And, if you wish to, you can even secure the exchange rate on all your regular payments for a period of up to one year. That way, you will know exactly how much currency you will get.

Ways we can help

Scheduled transfers

For a scheduled transfer, you will need to let us know how much currency you are looking to purchase (or how much currency you want to transfer), and on what specified dates (or frequency).

Your Personal FX Dealer will then convert the agreed amounts at the rate on each of those specified dates. The final transferred (or settled) amount will vary depending on the exchange rate on each of those dates.

Secure a rate for future transfers

Want to secure your exchange rate on all your scheduled future transfers up to one year?

By using a series of Forward Contracts, your Personal FX Dealer can guarantee how much currency you will receive for each of your transfers. Doing so will allow you to plan your future cash transfers accurately, and protect you from the volatile nature of the currency markets.

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