Do you need to make a transfer abroad or repatriate funds to the UK?

  • Buying overseas property
  • Emigrating
  • Making an international payment

The FX team at Investec are here to help you. Our team of specialist foreign exchange dealers offer you a quick and easy solution to make international payments at competitive rates.

It’s highly likely you will have considered using your retail bank to make the transfer. Whilst this is convenient, banks have been known to be less competitive on the exchange rate, and in most cases fail to provide a proactive service.

There are different ways you can make your one-off currency transfer

Spot Transaction ‘For that immediate transfer’

A ‘Spot Transaction’ is for immediate conversion. It allows you to exchange one currency for another, with the typical settlement being within 2 working days.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Agree the rate of exchange with your Personal Dealer
  2. Let us know where (or to who) you want us to make the transfer to
  3. We will make the payment

Other notes:

  • For urgent payments, we can provide same day settlement for USD, EUR and GBP payments
  • If needed, we can provide you with expert market analysis from our FX Research Team

FX Forward ‘For a future payment at a guaranteed rate’

Lock in a guaranteed exchange rate for any specified future date.
An FX ‘Forward Contract’ allows you to guarantee an exchange rate for a transfer that you would like to make on any given date in the future as specified by you.

By securing your exchange rate, you will know exactly how much your money will be worth when the transfer is made. Giving you peace of mind to know you’re protected against any adverse movements in the exchange rate between now and when you want to make your transfer.

How it works:

  • Lock in an exchange rate for a period of up to one year.
  • To secure your FX Forward you will need to keep a minimum deposit of10% of the final transfer amount in your FX Access Account, until the settlement date of the FX Forward.
  • We will pay you interest on these funds to ensure you do not lose out.
  • No matter what happens to the market exchange rate between booking your FX Forward and the settlement date, you are required to complete your contract at the agreed exchange rate.

Market order – ‘For targeting a rate that is not currently available’

How it works:

  • You let us know how much you want to transfer and what rate you are looking to achieve.
  • Your Market Order will then be placed on our order system, which is managed by our trading team 24/7.
  • Should the market reach your specified exchange rate (at any time of the day/night), your currency will be bought automatically.
  • We will then make the currency transfer for you (once you have settled the local currency funds).
  • Your order can be amended or cancelled at any time during working hours prior to the transaction taking place.


Rate watch – ‘For setting personalised rate alerts’

How it works:

  • You let us know how much you want to transfer and what rate you are looking to achieve.
  • Your Personal FX Dealer will monitor the market for you during normal working hours.
  • Should the market reach your specified exchange rate, your dealer will contact you to let you know that your rate is now achievable.
  • You will be under no obligation to trade at this rate, and can decide then on what to do.
  • Unlike a Market Order, you will not be able to benefit from automatically buying currency on market moves that happen overnight.

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