If like me you have been struggling to work out who is who in the French Presidential race then hopefully the below will be of some use

Whatever you do make sure you read the policies of Benoit Hamon……..honestly I did not make them up

The format is everyone competes in round one on 23rd April – if there is no candidate with a majority it goes to a two horse vote (the likely outcome) on 7th May 2017

Marine Le Pen – National Front candidate

  • Leave the Euro
  • Restore Tariffs
  • Cur immigration by 95%
  • Lower retirement age to 60
  • Bolster public services

François Fillon – Republican candidate

  • Scrap 35 hour week
  • Raise pension age to 65
  • Slash public sector employment by half a million
  • Facing investigation into payments to his family for ‘fake’ jobs

Emmanuel Macron – Independent candidate

  • Former Rothschild banker, yet to publish a policy
  • Served as economy minister in Hollande government where he backed labour market flexibility

Jean-Luc Mélenchon – Independent candidate

  • Promise to share the country’s wealth
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Prioritise environmental issues
  • Renegotiate EU treaties to end austerity

Benoît Hamon – Socialist candidate

  • Introduce a universal basic income
  • Reduce working hour week to 32 hours
  • Tax industrial robots
  • Legalise Marijuana

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