On Wednesday 19 October 2011, the InFocus Briefing audience was addressed by a distinguished panel of guests including Sir Howard Davies, Wolfgang Munchau and Philip Shaw. The debate focused on the Eurozone crisis and the implications for the UK. The panel was moderated by Daniel Finkelstein, executive editor of The Times.

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Meet the speakers & moderator

Sir Howard Davies

Sir Howard Davies


  • Founding Chairman of the FSA
  • Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England
  • Former Director of the LSE

Howard Davies is the former Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and one of the UK’s most authoritative commentators on the financial services industry.

He was Deputy Governor of the Bank of England from 1995 to 1997. In 1998 he became the first Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, when the Labour Government asked him to create a single regulator for the UK financial sector.

He has also worked for McKinsey and Co, and was Special Advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson. Howard has published two books: ‘Chancellors Tales’ which tells the story of how the British economy has been managed  over the last 30 years, as told by the former Chancellors of the Exchequer in both Labour and Conservative administrations; and, with co-author David Green, ‘Global Financial Regulation’.

He is a regular commentator and journalist, and a columnist for The Financial Times, The Times, and Management Today.

Wolfgang Munchau

Wolfgang Munchau

  • Expert on the EU economy and integration
  • Leading commentator on the Eurozone
  • Editor-in-Chief, Financial Times Deutschland (2001 – 2003)

Wolfgang Münchau is associate editor and European economic columnist of the Financial Times, writing a weekly column on political and economic trends in the EU. He is also co-founder and president of Eurointelligence.com which provides online comment and analysis of the Euro area to investors and policy makers.

Wolfgang was one of the founder members of Financial Times Deutschland, the German FT, where he served as editor-in-chief from 2001 until 2003. Before that, he was Frankfurt correspondent and later economics correspondent of the Financial Times, reporting on the preparations for monetary union and the launch of the Euro.

Wolfgang was awarded the Wincott Young Financial Journalist of the Year award in 1989. He holds the degrees of Dipl-Betriebswirt (Reutlingen), Dipl-Mathematiker (Hagen) and MA in International Journalism (City University, London).

He has published three books. ‘Vorbeben’, his book on the financial crisis, received the prestigious GetAbstract business book award.

Danny Finkelstein OBE

Danny Finkelstein OBE


  • 2010 Political Commentator of the Year
  • Executive Editor of The Times and Chairman of Policy
  • Exchange Unusual mix of sharp analysis, fascinating statistics and caustic humour

Danny Finkelstein is the Executive Editor of The Times. He also writes a weekly column for the paper, commenting on UK politics, society and culture. Danny joined The Times in 2001. In June 2011 he became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the influential think tank, Policy Exchange.

A former Social Democrat, Danny was a close adviser to party leader David Owen. After David Owen announced his resignation from politics, Danny led a group of young SDP members into the Conservative Party.

He went on to work as Director of the Conservative Research Department (1995-1997), and then - working alongside George Osborne - as political adviser to the Leader of the Opposition William Hague.

Danny is a regular guest on BBC Newsnight and the Politics Show, commenting on British politics and David Cameron’s Conservativeled government.