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Your Deposits

  • Overview

    Summary balances of your accounts and fixed term deposits
  • Downloadable Statements

    Complete history of all your statements by week and month
  • Move Funds

    Apply notice and move funds across all your accounts

Your FX

Manage all your FX activity in one place: seamlessly filter trades by status, product type and maturity; book drawdowns; view the details behind your FX Option strategies; and download confirmations.

  • Filter Trades
  • Export Data to XLS
  • Book Drawdowns
  • Download Confirmations

Market Orders

  • View all Market Orders

    View all your live and completed orders providing a simple overview in one place
  • Create Market Orders

    Create new FX Market Orders online

Interactive Reports

Future Cashflows Report

Our Future Cashflows Report provides you with an aggregate view (by day, week, month) of all your active FX trades for each currency.

Investec Currency Forecasts

Our Currency Forecasts report shows you the historic market rate for each currency pair, along with the latest Investec & market forecasts.

Historic Cash Balances

Our Historic Cash Balances report provides you with a history of all your cash balances with Investec, split out by currency and deposit product.